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For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia. Indonesia's capital city announced a lockdown of all tourist destinations and entertainment as well as the closing all of its public schools for the next 14 days amid the global outbreak.

For some, it can cause more severe illness, especially in older adults and people with existing health problems.

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The church decided to replace Sunday services with online ones for members' safety amid the spread of the new coronavirus. Indonesia's capital city announced a lockdown of all tourist destinations and entertainment spots as well as the closing all of its public schools for the next 14 days amid the global outbreak. Army soldiers and police officers were deployed at border points to limit the movement of people in the countrys capital region where majority of the COVID cases were recorded. Schools, museums, clubs and many spaces for public use are closed as a preventive measure against the COVID epidemic.

Spraying was done after the Government of Indonesia announced, 96 cases positive, five killed affected by coronavirus in Indonesia. Spain has declared the state of alarm. All business will remain closed except groceries, drug stores and first necessities suppliers. Mobility restrictions may also be applied for most citizens in the coming few days.

The drug has side effects

The Philippine government is placing some 12 million people in the capital Manila on lockdown as well as suspending government work for a month to prevent the spread of COVID As of Saturday evening, the Philippines' Department of Health has confirmed cases of the deadly coronavirus in the country, with at least 8 recorded fatalities. As the COVID virus continues to spread throughout countries around the world, healthcare professionals aid the sick in hospitals and temporary substitute facilities created as needed in hard hit communities. Some people have organized a flash mob asking to stand on the balcony and sing or play something, to make people feel united in the quarantine.

As of March 14, Russia has confirmed 45 cases of the novel coronavirus covid , with 25 cases in Moscow. The National Health Commission said there were four more people infected in Hubei's capital Wuhan, where the virus first emerged in December. Despite being so close to the original outbreak in mainland China, Taiwan has just 48 confirmed cases of the Covid disease with one death.

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Ardern explained how New Zealand will attempt to slow the increase of coronavirus COVID cases with travel restrictions and self-quarantine upon arrival to New Zealand. Sanitation Workers wear a protective face mask to prevent the spread of Coronavirus outside Monaldi Hospital in Naples, Italy, on March 13, President of Colombia Ivan Duque has declared on Thursday 12th a health emergency to avoid the spread of the novel Coronavirus COVID , the measures include a restriction on large gatherings larger than people and prison visits, football matches will proceed behind closed doors, suspension of transit and disembarking cruise ships.

The deepening coronavirus crisis is sending stocks into another alarming slide on Wall Street, triggering a brief, automatic shutdown in trading for the second time this week. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced overnight a "national emergency" due to the coronavirus outbreak and imposed quarantines on the Lombardy and Veneto regions, which contain roughly a quarter of the country's population.

According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, new cases were reported, with the death toll rising to The total number of infections in the nation tallies at 7, An empty shelf as hand sanitiser is sold out in a Boots store in Clapham, London.

A woman wearing a face mask walks past the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute which forms part of Trinity College Dublin's city centre campus. An email sent to students and staff informed them that the lifts and Floor 4 of the TBSI have been closed as a precautionary measure and are being cleaned after a case of COVID Coronavirus was confirmed within the college.

As fears of the Coronavirus are spreading, people are emptying the shelves cleaning supplies, protective masks and bottled water at stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. A woman wearing a facemask on the London Underground. Up Next See Gallery. Asked what her message to the American public is after what she and her husband went through, the woman told NBC News, "Oh my God, don't take anything. Don't believe anything that the president says and his people It's just broke, dead.

Like my husband.

Dangerous mistake people are making in desperate attempt to fight coronavirus

My husband is We're healthy. No underlying — no diabetes or lung issues. If you change your mind, here's how to allow notifications:. Stay in the loop! Get breaking news and big stories on your desktop. Notify Me. When prompted, click "Allow" you can always change your mind later. Search The Web Search Aol. Woman whose husband died after ingesting chloroquine warns public 'not to believe anything Trump says'.

Staff writer. Pigeons gather on a place near a deserted road during the first day of a day government-imposed nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against the COVID coronavirus, in Hyderabad on March 25, People stand on designated areas to maintain social distancing as they queue outside a medical store during the first day of a day government-imposed nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against the COVID coronavirus in Allahabad on March 25, A man holding a Japan national flag with 'supporting the world' written on it.

Brisbane Airport departures gate is pictured empty. South Korea and China both say the drug is an 'effective' antiviral treatment against the disease, according to a report by US virologists.

Here Are Five Reasons To Be Wary Of Chloroquine For Treating The Coronavirus

The Wuhan Institute of Virology — in the city where the crisis began — claimed the drug was 'highly effective' in petri dish tests. Tests by those researchers, as well as others, showed it has the power to stop the virus replicating in cells, and taking hold in the body. Twenty-three clinical trials on the drug are already underway on patients in China, and one is planned in the US and another in South Korea.

Chloroquine was prescribed around 46, times in in the UK — but it is also available over-the-counter from pharmacies without a prescription. Professor Robin May, an infectious disease specialist at Birmingham University, said the safety profile of the drug is 'well-established'. He added: 'It is cheap and relatively easy to manufacture, so it would be fairly easy to accelerate into clinical trials and, if successful, eventually into treatment. Professor May suggested chloroquine may work by altering the acidity of the area of cells that it attacks, making it harder for the virus to replicate.

Chinese scientists investigating the other form of chloroquine - which is called hydroxychloroquine - penned a letter to a prestigious journal saying its 'less toxic' derivative may also help. Professor Robin May, an infectious disease specialist at Birmingham University, said the safety of the drug is 'well-established'.

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Another drug which the UK is expected to trial on its coronavirus patient is one called SNG which is inhaled directly into the lungs. It was developed to prevent severe lower respiratory tract illness caused by cold and flu infections when they spread to the lungs. Phase II clinical trials in asthmatic patients have previously shown that the drug is well tolerated, enhances the lungs' antiviral defences and improves lung function during cold or flu infection.

The trial - led by Professor Tom Wilkinson, a respiratory medicine expert at University Hospital Southampton - will involve patients across Southampton and up to 10 other NHS hospitals.

Professor Wilkinson told the Daily Express : 'The science definitely adds up. We're learning a lot about the pandemic every day. Participants will receive the current Covid care, while inhaling either a placebo or SNG - a special formulation of the naturally occurring antiviral protein interferon beta 1a IFN-beta - for 14 days.

Flu, anti-malaria, arthritis and HIV medication: The promising therapies being tested on coronavirus patients around the world - but how many are the NHS trying?

Clinical trial begins for COVID-19 medication

The World Health Organization has said it will launch an international clinical trial to try and find a treatment for the coronavirus. Countries around the world will test remdesivir; HIV drug combination lopinavir and ritonavir; and chloroquine, an antimalarial, Stat News reported. The drugs are already licensed for human use so would be much quicker to get approved and manufactured than a new one.

And they have all been tested by doctors in China, with varying results. The drugs will be tested alongside other patients receiving normal hospital care so the two can be compared. NHS hospitals are coming under growing pressure to use experimental drugs to try and treat patients infected with the coronavirus.

Doctors and pharmaceutical firms around the world are scrambling to find a drug that can stop the deadly virus, which has now killed more than 8, people. Medicines already in use for conditions ranging from HIV to rheumatoid arthritis, malaria, the flu and even Ebola are serious contenders and are being tested to see how they could help patients infected with COVID The Government has refused to confirm if any are being tested out on the 2, coronavirus patients in the UK — the NHS advises anyone with troublesome symptoms to take paracetamol and rest at home unless they feel life-threateningly ill.

But its medicines regulator last month banned companies from exporting three drugs — for HIV and malaria — in a bid to protect the UK's stocks of them. All three have been used in experimental treatments by doctors in China, raising the prospect of Britain doing the same. Here, MailOnline reveals some of the drugs that experts believe have potential.

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